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Warzone Idle

Warzone Idle

5.24.0 by Conquer the world while asleep
(0 Avaliações) dezembro 21, 2023
Warzone Idle Warzone Idle Warzone Idle Warzone Idle Warzone Idle Warzone Idle

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dezembro 21, 2023
Conquer the world while asleep
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Conquer the world while you sleep! Warzone Idle is an innovative incremental game that puts you in charge of an empire. As you use your armies to conquer neighboring territories, you'll discover tons of exciting assets you can use to strengthen your empire further.
• Army camps generate armies continuously. You can capture more and upgrade them. Use your armies to conquer territories on the map to discover more things to help you.
• Mines generate ores continuously, such as copper ore, tin ore, etc. You can upgrade them to produce more.
• Smelters work continuously to smelt your ore into bars. Bars can be sold for more than the ore it took to make it.
• Crafters work continuously to turn your smelted bars into items, such as copper bars into copper wire.
• Find recipes on the map to unlock additional things your smelters and crafters can do.
• Find caches on the map to give you an injection of free armies, money, or resources.
• Technologies can be purchased to turn your items into useful bonuses, such as increasing army camps, better smelters, or drafting armies.
• Regions of the map are separate into bonuses. Conquer an entire bonus to unlock sources of money, or other assets.
• Mercenary Camps lets you hire armies to grow even faster.
• Hospitals allow you to save armies when conquering territories. They can be upgraded to save even more.
• Find a dig site and start digging for artifacts, which are permanent upgrades to fuel your empire. Artifacts can be upgraded by sacrificing ones you don't need.
• Complete an entire map and you will earn Advancement Points (AP). These can be spent on Advancements which give you permanent upgrades, such as improving army camps, mines, sell prices, drafts, etc.
• By default, you can accrue two hours of idle time. The Max Idle Time advancement can upgrade this time to any value, and you can also find artifacts that increase it.
• Auto-advancements help you out by playing the game for you. For example, auto-conquer automatically conquers territories on the map, auto-sell automatically sells resources you don't need, auto-draft automatically picks up drafts, etc. Getting all of them can completely automate the game.
• Over 30 maps are available, covering all parts of the world as well as fictional places. If you complete them all you can Ascend.
• Powers can be used to accelerate your empire. Find them on the map, get them from the daily bonus, or spin the Warzone Wheel to win powers or coins.
• The multi-level power or advancement allow playing multiple levels at the same time. This is an effective way to boost your progression.
• Find Arenas to compete against other Warzone players in a strategic battle. The winner will get additional armies, money, and resources to fuel their empire.
• Compete against up to 30 other players in a chaotic Battle Royale multi-player mode! Launch attacks against others and see who comes out on top!
• Fight against an AI in challenges for additional AP, if your advancements and artifacts are strong enough to out-expand them.
• Join a clan and compete in Clan Wars!
• Participate in global or clan chat rooms built into the app
• Earn and complete all of the achievements!

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