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Minds of Nations

Minds of Nations

1.2.100 by State as a school for souls‪.‬
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Minds of Nations Minds of Nations Minds of Nations Minds of Nations Minds of Nations Minds of Nations

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novembro 18, 2023
State as a school for souls‪.‬
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MMO. Continents without microtransactions are available with limited capacity. STORY
After a number of incarnations on Earth and unhappy with the opportunities nations offer souls to grow, our hero, Kanli (you) is offered a chance to .. do better.
He will try, over a number of simulations, to build states that survive the hardships of time and scarcity whilst helping as many souls as possible evolve beyond the taints.

13 ideas that we explore in Minds of Nations

1. The Nation as a school for souls

You play the custodian of a state through millennia. The nation is both a state in the classical sense, but also a school for souls that are interested in overcoming this plane.

You have to consider strength, the material needs of a community and the evolutionary needs the souls that take birth in your realm have. A sluggish state will have them stuck for centuries into the same thoughts, fears and vices. While a weak state may not provide enough bodies or opportunities in life.

2. Religion as the development of methods for transformation, not a popularity contest

Incarnated or not, souls generate ideas for you. Ideas are of three types:

The first is the spiritual path that your nation discovers.
Ascetics tired of the endless cycle of birth-rebirth and desire-aversion, are developing methods for transcending this plane of existence.

So they develop the stages of concentration, reflections, prayers, mantras, breathing and other techniques for purifying consciousness.

It does not matter how many people adhere to the path your ascetics uncover. It is NOT about having many provinces declaring themselves Catholic, but rather, having a path that frees more persons from the chains of desire, hatred. Having more methods that incorporate different mindsets, that free one from all attachments and bonds.

3. Governance as a collection of answers to communal questions

Instead of having broad systems like Communism, Monarchy, or Democracy, you use ideas to answer each individual governance questions like:

"Who leads our nation ?"
- It can be 1 person, it can be three, it can be a couple, it can be a council..
"How is that person chosen ?"
- Leadership can be inherited, elected by others and then you'd have to choose who can elect your leader. Only landowners ? Everyone older than 14 ?

We approach every issue of community management in the same way, from economics to the justice system.

4. Effects that change over time

5. Effects that change based ON your production of their associated resources.

6. Algorithms that try to incorporate a bit of realism

7. Technology as a number of general subjects and not as a tech tree

8. Armies have to carry food and soldiers are recruited from the labor force

9. War, lies & propaganda

We explore the way politics has been poisoning our mindstream for centuries. Framing reality and spinning half truths into rigid dogma and encouraging us and our ancestors to commit various atrocities.

10. Karmic years & soul cycles

We try to incorporate the idea of karma into wars. A nation that attacks will get years added to the time needed for its souls to pass through each independent evolutionary stage. This means that fewer new ideas will appear in your state due to the emotional traumas caused in the conflict.

11. Astral plane management

12. Free-to-play continents, custom wonders, heraldry and more

You can fly a banner with custom heraldic elements that are not found in Europe in the Middle Ages.

You can also build new wonders - enough with the eiffel tower.

Every simulation includes continents that have no microtransactions. 100% free. However, their total capacity is limited.

13. Climate change

The game simulates the effect that large, monocultural, agrarian societies have had on the environment..

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