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Idle Push Up

Idle Push Up

1.5.0 by Muscle up and slap your rival
(0 Avaliações) novembro 19, 2023
Idle Push Up Idle Push Up Idle Push Up Idle Push Up Idle Push Up Idle Push Up

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novembro 19, 2023
Muscle up and slap your rival
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Be prepared to become a champion by doing push ups!
Introducing Idle Push Up, the ultimate clicker game for gym tycoons and fitness enthusiasts. Become the ultimate push up master as you build your strength and muscle rush through a series of challenging levels.

You'll start with small weights on your back and do push ups to get stronger and beat the boss. But as you progress, the weight gets bigger, making it even more challenging. Keep clicking and clicking and clicking and lifting faster to develop your muscles and see if you can be no.1 and beat the final boss.

Why do you need the muscles?

For the ultimate fighting challenge. You'll attend a fighting competition and compete against other players to see who is the strongest. Your timing skills and strength will be put to the test as you try to hit your opponent with the knockout blow. Can you unlock your special power, the Golden Fire Fist, and become the true Fighting King?

Idle Push Up will provide you with hours of entertainment. Fun characters like the twerk master are just asking to be slapped in the face. Whether you're a lifting hero or a gym tycoon, you'll love the addictive gameplay of this clicker game.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to become the ultimate master of the gym and take on the ultimate challenge of Idle Push Up!

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