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Grow Empire: Rome

Grow Empire: Rome

1.36.2 by Tower Defense war game
(0 Avaliações) novembro 21, 2023
Grow Empire: Rome Grow Empire: Rome Grow Empire: Rome Grow Empire: Rome Grow Empire: Rome Grow Empire: Rome

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novembro 21, 2023
Tower Defense war game
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Lead legions of soldiers to defend your empire!
Welcome to Grow Empire: Rome, the strategy and action game that will take you on an exciting journey through the ancient Roman Empire! Join the adventure and discover a world full of epic battles, empire-building and exciting quests.

Build and expand your empire: Start with a small village and work hard to turn it into a mighty fortress. Upgrade buildings and manage your resources wisely to expand your territory and strengthen your economy.

Recruit and train your troops, improve their skills and equip them with powerful weapons to protect your wall and conquer new lands. Collect brave heroes and legendary mercenaries that will make you the most feared Caesar in history.

Confront fearsome armies of barbarian, Gallic, Iberian and Carthaginian warriors and expand your empire across Europe and Africa.

Claim your daily reward and don't miss out on the day seven chest that will give you the power you need to improve your strategy and crush your enemy


• +1500 waves to test your wall's defenses
• +120 cities to conquer.
• +1000 building upgrades.
• +35 different Roman troops that boost your army.
• 4 enemy factions that will challenge your thirst for glory.
• Siege weapons and war elephants!
• 7 heroes with unique abilities that will help you conquer all.
• +18 General Skills with 20 different levels to improve your attack and defense strategy.
• 18 offensive and defensive cards to boost your game strategy.
• Claim your daily reward and get the chest with great rewards.
• Complete the daily empire quests and get gold, gems and potions.

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Discord: https://discord.io/growempirerome

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