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Eden Isle: Resort Paradise

Eden Isle: Resort Paradise

6.3.22 by Reliance Games
(0 Avaliações) novembro 15, 2023
Eden Isle: Resort Paradise Eden Isle: Resort Paradise Eden Isle: Resort Paradise Eden Isle: Resort Paradise Eden Isle: Resort Paradise Eden Isle: Resort Paradise

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novembro 15, 2023
Reliance Games
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Welcome to Eden Isle!
Let your creativity shine as you explore the perfect sand, luxuriant jungles, and velvety peaks to build your very own resort. Enchant tourists with sublime beaches, stunning topography, and exotic creatures in this adventure island game.

Eden Isle: Resort Paradise is a gorgeous resort building game that will put your time and resource management skills to test. Attract different guest types, appoint staff to manage your resort, and keep the guests happy. Work towards a 5-Star rating and become a hotel tycoon!

Eden Island is far from the city clamor where one can relax under rustling palms and gaze at a serene blue sea. Equip your resort with all the latest amenities, open kitchens & juice bars serving drinks, and much more!

Be the perfect host to your guests, add striking decorations, take them on a shopping spree, and offer the best leisure activities across the adventure island. Improve every detail and transform your modest installations into a connoisseur's retreat.

Generate higher revenues by upgrading your businesses. Expedite your produce and make sure you never run out of supplies. Control the costs and product quality, spend your revenue strategically and reinvest your earnings in expanding your services and profits.

Level up to unlock more businesses where you can sell more and earn more. The opportunities are endless in the best resort building game you will play!

Be in charge of the human resource department and set up the perfect hotel staff including Builders, Cleaners, Engineers, and others, managing the most efficient services. While you hire the hotel staff, evaluate your expenditures against the profits and recruit accordingly.

Manage your staff efficiently and invest in Training. Improve all the aspects of your businesses, namely Hygiene, Customer Service, First Aid, Presentation, and Entertainment in this adventure island game. Take your business decisions carefully and form a solid work team in your dream resort.

Accomplish over 250 Goals to keep your guests happy and build your empire. Upgrade the Huggable Tree, install luxurious accommodations & decor, visit the woodland spa or go shopping for souvenirs, rescue animals & swim with dolphins, keep the resort clean, and indulge in numerous other pursuits to earn precious Coins, Hearts, and Gems.

Use respective currencies to upgrade your businesses and expand your island resort. With every new patch of land acquired, unlock new areas on the Island that are explorable and add to the delight of your guests.

Enhance your resort building experience and invite your friends. Visit neighbors to help them out or seek their assistance to expand. Exchange tips and help each other create the dream resort!

GOALS: Over 250 goals to complete and plenty to do.
ANIMALS: Rescue wild animals and bring them to your resort
DOLPHINS: See the dolphins put on a show at the Swimming with Dolphins activity.
SCUBA DIVING: Develop a Scuba Diving Center at the coral reef.
WATER PARK: Build a Water Park down the side of a mountain.
THEME PARK: Explore the underwater ruins and turn them into a Theme Park!
ANCIENT SPA: Develop the ancient Eastern Spa for your guests.
HUMOR: Lots of humor, funny dialogue, and interesting characters.
ARTWORK: Beautiful artwork and animations.
EASY TO PLAY: No internet connection needed - play wherever you want!

Islands allure dreams of paradise. And while you dive into the enchantment of crystalline clarity and tempting surroundings, Eden Isle: Resort Paradise is where you can pour life into your imagination.

Your guests are waiting – what kind of resort will you build?

- The game is also optimized for tablet devices
- This game is completely free to download and play. However, some game items can be purchased with real money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings.

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